Phenom to Launch a 3D Metaverse With a Large NFT Marketplace

You must have already heard the news about us launching Phenom Metaverse. Yet, it’s still very topical for the leading media worldwide, and today, we’d like to share another article published by BeInCrypto.

Phenom, the company behind an extensive Phenom ecosystem, reveals details of the upcoming Phenom Metaverse launch. It will include multiple opportunities for networking, business, and entertainment, as well as a large built-in NFT marketplace.

Phenom discloses more details about the Metaverse that the company plans to launch in 2022. As it turns out, the Metaverse game and its basic mechanics are already being tested by the first users, including the members of the Phenom team and users of the Phenom Ecosystem.

What is the Metaverse by Phenom?

Phenom Metaverse is a unique virtual space, a whole 3D universe, where users can communicate with each other, work, play, study, attend events, and earn rewards for their activity. Moreover, they can attend an NFT gallery to buy and sell their non-fungible tokens and even establish a digital art gallery of their own.

Within the Metaverse, users will have access to multiple features:

  • Avatars — virtual images representing every user and allowing them to interact with others in a 3D space.
  • Aura — ranking, reputation, and multiple opportunities within the Phenom Metaverse.
  • Exclusive closed clubs for specific groups of users and virtual events they can attend from anywhere in the world.
  • NFT art gallery and an NFT marketplace with auctions and exhibitions.

The NFT integration is the long-awaited feature that many Phenom supporters have requested. Phenom Metaverse will allow users to create their own NFTs, buy and sell them, and become owners of NFT art galleries within the digital space.

When to expect Phenom Metaverse?

All of the features above, including the NFT integration, will be released in Q1-Q2 2022, which means the general audience will get access to the Phenom Metaverse pretty soon. The initial platform will be released as an iOS-based application, followed by an Android version.

Moreover, the team behind Phenom Metaverse has extensive long-term plans for further platform development. In 2022–2027, they are going to deploy other features, such as VR, Metasport, Phenom Expo, Meta Silk way, and Meta-swap. They will continuously update the Metaverse, adding new features and services and allowing users to get the most out of this virtual reality.



Phenom Ecosystem is a decentralized ecosystem of high-tech products united by a custom unique blockchain network.

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Phenom Ecosystem

Phenom Ecosystem is a decentralized ecosystem of high-tech products united by a custom unique blockchain network.